2-26-17 "Facing our Future" Pastor Jake Ritzema

Facing our Future

There is an elephant in the room, something that it seems no one in our youth centered culture wants to talk about, but if we are going to face our future there is one certainty that we shouldn’t gloss over.  George Bernard Shaw was quoted by Billy Graham as saying, ““The statistics of death are quite impressive, one out of one people die”.  And he is right, death - unless the Lord comes again during our life time – is a certainty whether we talk about it or admit it or not. 

The question of the day is, “Are you prepared to face the future?”  If not, faith in Christ may put you at ease.  Jesus said to his disciples who were nervous about their future, “Trust in God, trust in me. In my Father’s house are many rooms and I’m going to prepare a room for you.  I will come to bring you to where I am”.  See isn’t it easier to face the future knowing you can have one in Christ