Back in the day, the light pop and popular Carpenters hit the chart with ‘Sing’. Some of the lyrics went, “Sing,sing a song, make it simple to last your whole life long; don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing, sing a song.”
 Music, songs, are widely popular and are worldwide. In fact songs are part and parcel to every culture since man was created.  The question of the day is what are we singing and why?  Instead of humming along to a favorite tune, listen to the words.  As you fill your heart and your mind with your type of music consider if it is praise worthy and honors God and the crown of His creation – human beings.  “Soli Dei Gratia” (J.S. Bach)



 READINGS   FOR    APRIL 26 – May 3
  1. Judg. 6:1-40; Luke 22:55-23:10; Ps. 95:1-96:13; Prov. 14:5-6
  2. Judg. 7:1-8:16; Luke 23:11-43; Ps. 97:1-98:9; Prov. 14:7-8
  3. Judg. 8:17-9:21; Luke 23:44-24:12; Ps. 99:1-9; Prov. 14:9-10
  4. Judg. 9:22-10:18; Luke 24:13-53; Ps. 100:1-5; Prov. 14:11-12
  5. Judg. 11:1-12:15; John 1:1-28; Ps. 101:1-8; Prov. 14:13-14


  1. Judg. 13:1-14:20; John 1:29-51; Ps. 102:1-28; Prov. 14:15-16
  2. Judg. 15:1-16:31; John 2:1-25; Ps. 103:1-22; Prov. 14:17-19
  3. Judg. 17:1-18:31; John 3:1-22; Ps. 104:1-24; Prov. 14:20-21

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