In 1900 42% of the U.S. population woke up in the morning to the sound of a rooster crowing and cows mooing.  The voices in the barnyard, around the kitchen table and in the one room school house has been drowned out by the plethora of input from smart phones, You Tube, the Internet, T.V.’s and I-Tunes.  When, if any, is there time to hear God’s still, small voice in all this hubbub.   The thing is, it is so important for us to stop and listen because the God who made us wants time to speak to us.  Join us Sunday as we intentionally take the time to hear God share His heart with us. Speak Lord for your servant is listening. 




 READINGS   FOR    May  17-24
17. 1 Sam. 20:1-21:15; John 9:1-41; Ps. 113:1-114:8; Prov. 15:15-17
18. 1 Sam. 22:1-23:29; John 10:1-21; Ps. 115:1-18; Prov. 15:18-19
19. 1 Sam. 24:1-25:44; John 10:22-42; Ps. 116:1-19; Prov. 15:20-21
20. 1 Sam. 26:1-28:25; John 11:1-53; Ps. 117:1-2; Prov. 15:22-23
21. 1 Sam. 29:1-31:13; John 11:54-12:19; Ps. 118:1-18;
Prov. 15:24-26
22. 2 Sam. 1:1-2:11; John 12:20-50; Ps. 118:19-29; Prov. 15:27-28
23. 2 Sam. 2:12-3:39; John 13:1-30; Ps. 119:1-16; Prov. 15:29-30
24. 2 Sam. 4:1-6:23; John 13:31-14:14; Ps. 119:17-35;
Prov. 15:31-32

Our prayer is that you would be blessed and strengthened by the power of Jesus Christ and that you will live a life of abundance in fellowship, joy and liberty. Grace Valley church is here for you. It is not only a building. It is a fellowship of believers coming together to declare the glory of the Lord and celebrate Jesus as King. We study the Word, practice what we learn and in the process grow together. May God richly bless you!



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10:00 A.M.


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