January 29 "Sow and Sew" Pastor Jake Ritzema

Sow and Sew

Yup you read it correctly “Sow & Sew" is our sermon title for this coming Sunday. Sow & Sew is the third message in our “Sow Generously” series which flows out of Grace Valley’s 2017 theme entitled, “Sow Generously, Live Courageously”.

So far our series has touched on Sow & Soap, the details of which can be seen in our link below. Next came Sow N Seeds.  In Jesus’ Parable of the Sower we determined how important it is for us to get out of the building and plant seeds of God’s Word everywhere!  The more we spread the seeds the better chance we have in planting the Word in fertile hearts ready to receive the Word. 

So what do we mean by Sow & Sew?  In Acts 18 one of the things God teaches us is how important it is to connect with other folks with the same common interest to grow His church.  For more details we invite you to stop by Sunday.  We’ll leave the lights on and the doors open for you :)  We’d love to meet you!