November 20-Pastor Jake Ritzema- "Who are You?"

Who are You?

The talk of the nation a few weeks ago was about the Cubs verses the Indians in the World Series. What a nail biter!! We had a winner and a loser. The talk of the nation during the course of this past week was in the political arena, Hillary verses Trump. What a nail biter!!! We had a winner and a loser.

This contest took on a whole different tone than the baseball game. It is one that will have far reaching ramifications in the years ahead. What was quite evident during both of these events is that you could, for the most part, tell who was for whom.   Regardless of the outcomes, one thing is sure God is in control.  (see Psalm 24:1; Proverbs 21:1)

Why bring it up?  Because I am wondering if folks have the same passion for Christ and His Kingdom, or do the clothing we wear and the things we say have no connection at all to what we really feel about our relationship with Jesus.

This Sunday, November 20, as our series - Acts, the Church: Budding, Building & Blossoming - winds down we are going to take a look at folks that are Spirit filled and some who are faking it and using Jesus name for their own self interest.  Join us as we reflect on what being really committed is all about and how people can see better than we can ourselves who we really are.