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Pastor Jake Ritzema

Although Pastor Jake’s path into ministry has been atypical, his experience connecting with people on many levels and a variety of settings has allowed him the opportunity to meet people’s needs in many different situations.

He has a huge passion for the Lord (Gal. 2: 20) and is a true people person.  Not only was he a college cheerleader, but he considers himself a “cheerleader for Christ!”  His heart is for the church to be an active, vibrant body of believers who love their Triune God above everything else and to show that love in tangible, concrete ways to their “neighbors”.

email Pastor Jake  @ jritzema@aeroinc.net


Pastor Eric Schlukebir

Eric , his wife Jana, and their  5 kids moved to German Valley from Houston , Texas where they spent 5 years planting a church.

His official title is  Associate Pastor of  Outreach and Assimilation.  He is excited to provide more  ways for people to grow in their faith and connect in community at Grace Valley.

If you want to  learn more about him and his family, you can check out Eric and Jana’s personal website  www.ericandjanaphoto.com

If you want to connect with him, he loves to roast and brew coffee, and would be happy to share a cup with you.

email Pastor Eric @ eric.gvcrc@gmail.com

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Valerie Wiederkehr

Administrative Assistant

Email Valerie @ gracevalleycrc@gmail.com




Cathy Ross

Worship Coordinator

Email Cathy @ cathy@aplaceforgrace.com






Priscilla Ritzema