8.5.18- Guest Speaker- Rev. Mike Moore

Pastor and Church Planter Mike Moore joins us this morning to share a little bit about his ministry in the Bridgeport neighborhood in Chicago. He connects the work of the church to the work of the Priests in Leviticus 9.

We are grateful to have heard him preach the word, and pray that God will bless his ministry.

7.15.18- 7 Deadly Sins #4- Envy- Pastor Jake Ritzema

Our culture is happy to show us how much better things could be.  We could have a better house, a better job, a better car, better friends, better everything.  It's the American dream.  But that dream sometimes leads us to envy.  When we aren't satisfied with what God has given us, and desire something he has given someone else.  Pastor Jake shows us what the Bible has to say about envy, and how we can respond when we experience this deadly sin.